Corporate Privacy Training from MPC

Certify All Staff in Your Supply Chain with Canada's Best Privacy Education

Why Privacy Training?

Since its inception in Toronto, Canada in 1989, Informatica Corporation, the parent company to Managed Privacy Canada (MPC) has provided privacy and data protection training to companies regulated by privacy legislation as well as those looking to earn the trust of customers. How can you benefit?

Privacy Expertise

MPC Privacy Risk Advisors are trained and certified professional educators who leverage adult training principles to make privacy awareness engaging and valuable every time.

Privacy Convenience

MPC offers modular privacy training to meet the precise needs of all corporate sectors. Ask your Privacy Risk Advisor to schedule recurring sessions and compose staff memos & communications to keep employees engaged.

Privacy Portal

Industry standards and legislative compliance remain a major driver of privacy training in Canada. From our Verify Privacy Testing to Employee Privacy Awareness programs, clients can manage training from their own PrivacyDash portal.